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Adventure Time Blind Finned is a platform game where you control Jake, who's (as usual) trying to help Finn survive the many pitfalls and dangers that lie in his path.

In yet another of his crazy ideas, Finn has decided to go adventuring while blindfolded, so obviously Jake has to make sure nothing happens to him along the way. To do so, you'll need to change into different shapes to get around all the obstacles. If, for instance, the Ice King throws icicles from the sky, you'll have to become an umbrella, and when a spiked hedge appears, you'll become a sword to break it.

Gameplay in Adventure Time Blind Finned is simple: depending on the gesture you make on the screen (swiping up, down, or to the right) Jake takes on a different shape. And you'll need to transform into many different things if you want to survive all the obstacles.

Adventure Time Blind Finned is a highly entertaining platformer that will especially appeal to fans of Adventure Time. The game also features many characters from the cartoon series, and while sometimes a bit difficult, it never gets too frustrating.
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Requires Android 2.2 or higher